CVRI Training Programs

Postdoctoral training in tobacco control.

Stanton Glantz, Ph.D.

The purpose of this program is to support a two-year postdoctoral fellowship for individuals with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary research from a wide variety of backgrounds including medical, biological, social behavioral, and policy sciences, to help build the next generation of academic leaders in tobacco control. This objective will be met through a combination of interdisciplinary coursework related to health policy, biostatistics, tobacco control policy and tobacco-related addiction and disease, together with research directed by a primary and secondary mentor from different disciplines. The coursework, which will comprise approximately 20% of the fellows’ experience, will form the foundation for an intensive research program. Fellows will also be taught how to prepare and review grant proposals. When appropriate, they will be encouraged to submit proposals for a third year of fellowship funding. Research mentors include twenty-one participating faculty members with active research programs in tobacco control policy development and evaluation, studies of the tobacco industry as a vector for cancer and other tobacco-induced diseases, tobacco industry marketing strategies directed at young adults and adolescents, health effects of secondhand smoke, nicotine pharmacology, and individual and community-based smoking cessation. The faculty members are drawn from all four schools at UCSF (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry) as well as the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. The great variety in backgrounds and interests of fellows and faculty affiliated with the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education will provide a strong interdisciplinary environment that gives all participants an opportunity to learn from and appreciate the work done by people from other disciplines. Each trainee’s program will be individually developed by the fellow, his or her mentors, and the Fellowship Committee.

Interested applicants should contact Pamela Ling, Fellowship Program Director,, or check the Center’s Postdoc website.