Julien I Hoffman, M.D., F.R.C.P.

Research Interests:
Pathophysiology of myocardial ischemia

My research investigates the way in which the complex muscular architecture of the human heart functions, and what role different components play in heart failure. Current hypotheses of ventricular architecture emphasize the interaction of spiral and circumferential muscle layers, but one major hypothesis that there is a single folded muscular band is much in dispute. We know that the adult pattern is already complete at 14 weeks gestation, but there is no information about how the primitive cardiac tube becomes this complex multilayered structure. My colleagues and I have shown that different components of this muscle band may be affected in diastolic heart failure, and are seeking further information about how components of the band arise and how each component may be affected by disease.

I have ongoing research into the epidemiology of congenital heart disease but no specific problems are being studied at the moment.
Most of my previous research involved the control of the regional coronary circulation, with particular reference to the mechanisms of subendocardial ischemia. Although I am not actively working in this field now, I am collaborating with some bioengineers who are studying these problems.

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