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Brian B. Graham, M.D.

Research Interests:

Pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular inflammation, and cardiac angiogenesis.



Our research group investigates pulmonary hypertension, a disease of the lung blood vessels. The major focus of our research is how the immune system contributes to the disease. The goal of our work is to discover new treatment approaches to help prevent or reverse this disease.


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Peter Ganz, M.D.


Research Interests:
Human endothelial biology, inflammation in cardiovascular diseases, statins, cardiovascular disease in rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease in HIV, cardiovascular effects of smoking and second hand smoke, cardiovascular effects of air pollutants.

Dr. Ganz’ research interests have focused on the role of endothelial dysfunction and inflammation in cardiovascular disease in human subjects. In health, endothelium (the cell lining the inside of arteries), protects against diseases of blood vessels such as atherosclerosis (blockages in arteries). In the presence of damaging risk factors (for example, too much bad cholesterol, not enough good cholesterol, smoking, diabetes or high blood pressure), the endothelium becomes injured and promotes rather than retards cardiovascular disease. The same damaging risk factors also stimulate inflammation in the wall of human arteries. Inflammation and endothelial dysfunction lead to heart attacks and deaths from heart disease; thus, Dr. Ganz is currently focused on finding treatments to reverse endothelial dysfunction and reduce inflammation and their harmful effects and thereby prevent cardiovascular disease in patients.

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